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  • Business Cards

    We can design, print and deliver business cards which always command the visual attention of New Bern Business Cardsviewers. Moreover, the quality material used to make our cards, as well as the printing process ensures that your cards will "feel" as great as they look.

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    We produce user-friendly and functional sites to the unique goals of each client. Create a professional web presence that informs your clients at their convenience and market your business globally 24 hours a day.
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    Offering fast


    high quality

    email hosting

    & web hosting

    is our first


    Each Account comes

    with our Easy to Use

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Email Marketing, New Bern Online Marketing
  • Advertising takes on many forms in today's business world, but one method of spreading the word about a company's products or services is become increasingly popular for several good reasons. Email marketing campaigns have become a standard way for businesses to advertise their brand because of the widespread use of this computerized communication tool.
  • More Affordable

  • Email campaigns or Newsletters are beneficial in many ways, but none of the advantages are more attractive than the cost to the business. In comparison to print advertising, broadcasted commercials or even brochures, email allows more information to be relayed to current and potential customers than any other medium while costing a fraction as much. Once the overall graphic design of an email campaign's template is completed, the updated material can be done easily and customized to current needs. The number of people the material is sent to does not affect the cost to the business and the audience is virtually unlimited.
  • Instant Current Communication

  • The message within an email campaign can change with simple updates, meaning the message is as fresh as it needs to be and can be waiting in the in-box of consumers within minutes as opposed to the various delays inherent within other forms of marketing. There is no waiting for potential customers to see an advertisement on television or radio or the possibility that the message will be overlooked in a newspaper or magazine.
  • Personalized

  • Unlike other forms of marketing campaigns, an email message can be personalized to the specific customer. Based on collected information from email subscribers, different products or services can be highlighted depending on the person's interests. In some cases the message itself can include a personal greeting that allows the business to call each customer by name.
  • Proactive Approach

  • Email marketing allows the business owner to be proactive in communicating with potential customers. There is no need to wait for people to visit your establishment, visit your website or call you on the phone to inquire about your business. Email puts the business in the driver's seat and keeps the brand on the mind of those who receive the material.
  • Customers Ask For It

  • Junk mail is a nuisance to many consumers who receive direct mailings from businesses they have no interest in. With rare exception, these direct mailings are ignored and end up in the wastebasket. In most cases consumers subscribe directly or indirectly to receive email information from your company because they are specifically interested in what you do. This narrows the number of people the message reaches, but the material is much more effective because these subscribers asked to see it.
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